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Our Story

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little lady with sleek black hair, a charming gait and a winning personality. She may have slobbered more than most, but no one could resist her charm; let alone be away from her for nine hours every week day.

DivingDog founder, Joel Shilliday, set up shop in 1996, tails wagging, and never looked back. He had already established himself as a web guru and decided to take it a step further, with Marge by his side, and started his own company. As an avid scuba diver, the name “DivingDog” truly represented what mattered most; enjoying life and creating work around it. It helped that being creative just came naturally.

With this new leash on life, there were countless tennis balls thrown, walks into town, swimming laps, and excursions with Margie a.k.a. "Nunkies". As director of client relations, she successfully wined and dined many clients.

While our beloved Margie has long passed away, DivingDog thrives, embracing the principles that it was founded on. Eighteen years and a few dogs later, DivingDog has expanded into a team of savvy design professionals that offers the whole branding and marketing package.

Ode to DivingDog Canine Friends

While no other could walk in Margie’s pawsteps, we’ve carried on and employed the companionship of other canine friends over the years:

Sampson, a.k.a. "Dudie", "Dr. Dudie", and "Mr. Grubes" was another black beauty, played fetch like no other; even on his last day with us. He has taught us to persevere and speak for what matters in life, whether that be a tennis ball or an enhanced logo.

Hooper, a.k.a. "Pupples" is an extremely handsome blonde that gets by on his good looks and incredible ability to snuggle. He has taught us that it in today’s world, looks go a long way; and if that doesn’t work, you might want to sleep with them. Or we mean that in our business, looks are everything and a solid partnership probably helps too.

Willy, a very cute and furry little fella, has a few circus tricks up his sleeves. While he has served some jail Rescue a Dogtime,he has taught us to go the extra mile to win peeps over.